Sunday, October 25, 2009

We want to go out and play!

On Wednesday night it started a slow rain, kept it up all day on Thursday and within 24 hours we had gotten 4 inches of rain. Check out the rain gauge in the window. It was dark and dreary for 3 full days before we saw sunshine and cooler temps. Yesterday we hit 73 degrees from a start of 45, this morning it was 56 and going to 73 again with lots of wind blowing the leaves down AND another front to bring us another 2-4 inches of rain this evening. My poor girls are really angry I will not let them outside in the wet grass, so they sit on the table or in the window sills with the open windows and watch the rain. I think we need to change to a larger more sturdy boat as it keeps being shipped to Wisconsin or Ohio or Tennessee to my other friends that are so very tired of the wet weather. Anyhow, thought you might like to see all 3 at once trying their best to "meow" their way out of doors! I hope the rain subsides by tomorrow morning as they promise as I have a busy day of driving, since I'm doing it left handed, I don't need the hassle of the rain to contend with either. I have therapy at 9 a.m. in Bedford, then by my office to pick up mail, then over to Southlake for an MRI & Ultrasound at 11 a.m., then WW meeting at 12 a.m. in North Richland Hills, then over to Bedford for an xray at 1 p.m. then to the doctor's office in Grapevine for a follow up visit at 1:30 p.m. Probably will not be on the computer at all tomorrow. Mike has gone to work for a few hours!The "kitty girls" are all sleeping! Today I am going to watch the Races and football, make some of that Buffalo Chicken Dip and relax. That is, while I do 2 more loads of clothes. Got to go put the ones from the washer in the dryer now. Have a terrific later y'all! Luv, Mat

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In the blink of an eye

Got this fabulous wordart from Linda at Random Thoughts and just had to do a page using it. Since I did a page for Kathy and her family, I decided to do Penny's this time. I'm sure she and Weymond can relate to these words. Seems like yesterday they married, then had the twins and then Amy! Now they are all graduated from high school, Lamar is in college at Troy, AL. Lance married Margaret and are parents to Hayden the first grandbaby and Amy is working a full time job. Doesn't take long, but then I can remember when Penny was born and she was my baby sister to care for! O lord, I am getting old!!!! :o) Maybe it's this rainy, rainy weather that has me melancholy...nah, just old age catching up with me....LOL! Y'all have a great evening and I'll chat more with you later! Luv, Mat I used a freebie BG an older photo of Penny before her marriage to Weymond, since I did not have a clear one of him I used one from Lance's wedding and desaturated them both to b/w as if they are remembering. The photo of Lamar is from graduation, I took the one of Lance & Margaret Thanksgiving of 07 before they married, the one of Hayden is one of the few of her I got in May of 09 and the one of Amy is from Lance & Margaret's wedding. The elements are from Silver & Black kit by Sherry C and the wordart is Miss Linda's.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Grandma's Love

Just back from therapy, still tired, but I had made this QP for Kathy of her grand daughter's Miss Jade & Miss Ruby so thought I would upload it for her along with the new one of her son Jason with his family and her son Jeff. So, surprise Kathy, these are for you. I hope you all have a good evening and I'll chat more later, Luv, MatI just did a fill background for the blending of Kathy's photo that I have used before that was taken by Jeff in May of this year. The babies pics are from earlier this year and snitched off facebook, the Frame is by Raspberry Road and the WordArt is by Jennifer, the cat and paws are brushes. The cat is to represent Kat's kitty Stick!This is another photo I snitched off facebook. I used a kit by cuddlebeez!This photo I snitched off Jeff's page and the QP is from Angelscrapper where I made using her kit. Thanx for looking.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yipee we saw some sun today!

Yep, no more rain, chillier temps, but also much, much drier with that front passing through. All in all a perfect fall day. After working this morning, I opened all my windows and washed clothes, then cleaned until I finished. Feels great to have the weekend to do as I please. I've been toying with a couple of pages learning how to use brushes on layers, etc to make QPs. I had gotten some free cat, guess what? The 1st 3 pages are for the "kittygirls" of course. Hope you like what I've done or can give me some constructive pointers! Anyhow, I'm beat and just crawled out of a hot soaking tub and ready for bed. Y'all have a terrific memory making weekend! Chat later! Luv, MatPumpkin is just sweet as can be, but what an attitude she has. She is the softest cat I have ever petted.
Oreo was sitting on the bathroom vanity looking at water in the sink.
Just love it when MzKitty stretches out and her tail curls over her back, this photo really shows her lovely colors. I made everything on these pages, the BG, the textures, the photos. The brushes were freebies by Auntie Social Creations and the WA is from Miss Scarlett on Pumpkin and Miss Boots on MzKitty, I made Oreo's.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cancer survivors

I did a tribute page for SBF challenge called My C Word of my sister Kathy. Her word is CONQUERED....she has survived 17 years now from breast cancer(1992). So, in this vein of thought, I decided to make a page for my best friend Nina as she too is a breast cancer survivor (2005) and I did a page for myself. I survived a dermafibrosarcoma cancer from 1998. I have helped console too many acquaintances that have both fought and won/lost their battles. This is a terrible disease, but miracluous strides are being made daily to eradicate it! I hope it happens in my lifetime! Anyhow, just wanted to share these thoughts and pages with you. Thanx for looking in. Have a terrific day! Chat later y'all! Luv, MatAll the papers and elements are freebies from SBF designers and photo is from my visit with her in 2009.My best friend Nina in a page I concocted and borders were freebies. The photo is from the District Rally in Kerrville in 2006!Mine is just a photo that Mike took at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone in 2005 and my wishes.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain!

Another gloomy, foggy, rainy day. This makes 12 days of October with no sun and 11 days of rain and today is only the 13th! It has cooled the temperatures some and that's very welcomed around here, but come on, we will start to mildew soon!! :) Anyhow, this kind of weather does promote more scrapping time as I love to hibernate when it is raining! So here are a few more of my blending pages, this time of my favorite subject, Yep, My "Girls"! :) :) :) Whatever you do today, make it fun and make lots of memories to share! Chat later y'all! Luv, Mat Here's Pumpkin sleeping amongst the fall leaves! I used Cuddlebeez autumnfest papers and leaves and the Wordart is by Miss Scarlett!Here MzKitty sits amidst Cuddlebeez kit and leaves and this wordart is also by Miss Scarlett, just perfect for this photo! Of course, Oreo has to be different, here she is up the tree in a kit from last years Fall Splendor Blog Train by CL Graphics, some of Fab Dezigns Harvest and Wordart by Miss Linda from Random ThoughtsAnd here they are together again in a page from the Fall Splendor Blog by JLC creations with the wordart by Miss Scarlett. Thanx to all you wonderfully talented ladies with the big hearts that are so generous with your work!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cold, Wet and Quiet

What to do on a cool, wet, cloudy, quiet day??? Why scrap, of course! I did that yesterday most of the day! Yep, probably sat here too long, but sure was in the mood and I took special care to get up and relax the arm a lot. The "girls" are all fed and napping, so thought I'd upload and share some of the pages I did. I'm learning how to blend properly that doesn't take so many of blended pages. Thanx to all who have provided the free scrapping kits. I so enjoy them and your generosity. Hope you have a great Sunday and start off your week with fond memories. Chat later, y'all! Luv, Mat This was my first attempt at blending, I did this for SBF as a reintroductory page of my impatience with this prolonged healing process. The kit is by cuddlebeez and the wordart is by Aubrey's Mom This is my greatniece Hayden who just turned 1 yr old. The kit is from last years Fall Splendor Blog, this one is by Amy Sumrall.This is greatniece Jade in a kit from KV CityScribe in the Fall Splendor Blog TrainThis is little Ruby in a kit by DJFS in the Fall Spendor Blog Train.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Finally Arrives

We had a muggy, soupy, icky day yesterday that hit 89 degrees prior to the front pressing through around midnight dropping temps to 55 this morning with over 2 1/2inches of rain. Lots of lightning and heavy winds and rain between 3:30 and 4:30 a.m. Temps to drop into the upper 40's tonight, but then back to the 60's & 70's for the weekend. Go figure why so many folks are sick around here? At least the rain washes out some of the ragweed and other allergens. I found some of the QP's I had made using several of Miss Doodles earlier kits so decided to use them to make a few new pages. Doing housework today and got to run by the office for some more work when the rain stops, so will wish all of you a fabulous Fall weekend ahead. Make lots of memories to share. Chat later y'all! Luv, Mat This is nephew Lance, his wife Margaret and their precious Hayden who just turned one this past Sunday! The kit is from PascaleA called Belita that I had made a QP out of several months back.This is sweet Amy with her beau Michael that I used a QP I made from CJS kit DGB that you can find a link to on Doodles by Angelscrapper.This is Lamar, his mother Penny and I were coming home from a funeral in Tennesse in 2005. We stopped at the NC line and took these photos. This is also a CJS kit called Fun Kit that I made QP from! I have more of the others that I will share over the weekend. Thanx for looking, have a great Friday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My nieces & great nieces

Just some photos of Amy as she has blossomed over the years cause I love her so much...The QP is by Cuddlebeez from her Afternoon Delight kit with some added accessories from the kit. This is my niece Sebrina. This photo I snitched from her facebook account. She is always so smiling and lovely. The kit is from PascaleA called Happy. These three little cuties are my great nieces, Jade & Ruby are sisters and Hayden is their cousin. Just wanted to do a QP of them all together. The QP is a freebie that escapes me right now, but the extra elements are by Miss Gerri. Thanx for viewing and visiting. Chat more next time y'all! Luv, Mat

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary Al & Gerri

Happy Anniversary you two! Hope it is a terrific day. I made this from a QP by Raspberry Road using Timeless Kit...all the other bling is by Miss Gerri and the WA is Miss Linda's! I truly hope you have many, many more years together. Make the most of it! Luv ya! Mat

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beautiful Fall Weather

We are having some awesome, cool, beautiful weather in between fronts! When we get sunny days with a high of mid 70's with no humidity and no wind...they are just breathtaking. This evening another front is coming in, but this one will bring some wet weather for possibly 3-6 days. I just felt like making a few pages with fall accents using beautiful free backgrounds (Linda's first attempt), some cluster frame freebies and of course Linda's free Autumn wordart! I even used some free cat brushes I downloaded! I've, of course, used my sweet "girls" to show them off. I've used some cat bling by Miss Gerri, some leaves from Cuddlebreeze's happy fall freebie, some of the fall blog party from last year (AMS, Aussie Caz & Cindyrelly) a couple of freebies by Jacquie & RR-EK's Timless Cluster 05 and a free puzzle overlay with no TOU, sorry! Hope you enjoy the pages as much as I enjoyed making them. Whatever you are doing this weekend, hope you are making some beautiful memories to share! Y'all have a good one! Chat later! Luv, Mat