Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter to All

Happy and Blessed Easter Greetings to all my family and friends. It is a gloriously beautiful day here today, sun is really shining bright, got all my windows open to do my dusting...LOL! (the best way to dust in Texas, let the wind do it!) Tomorrow is supposed to drop to the mid thirties and have a cold rain all day. Will be great for scrapping, but I will probably be too busy packing. Anyhow, I put this page together for digiscrappersonline and then I got a message from Tina's Creations as to how to animate it, so thought I would put the animation up for all to see my sparkling sister and I on Easter day 1957. Our dresses were blue gingham checked and black patent leather mary janes and purses, our first ever store bought brand new dresses. The kit is a freebie from Jannidee (jsd) called Country Charm Blue(that I changed the color to a more true blue)and the lace on the frame I got from my friend Clara Sue. Hope all remember what Easter is all about and that you have a terrific day with your families after church. Until next time....Luv, Mat

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St Paddy's Day to all

Just a little break in my "family tree" flow here to wish all of you the Luck of the Irish be with you all and hope you find that rainbow with the pot of gold at it's end. I saw this terrific kit and just had to do a page. The kit is a freebie called St. Patrick's Day by Scrapping 'Til Dawn and can be found on her blog that you can find a link to on the right here. As you can see I already have my green ale to toast to your good day! Have a great week ahead!

Just so happens that tomorrow I will celebrate 19 years at my employment. This photo was taken with my boss, Radha P. Nair, MD, in 2006 while in India for her daughter's wedding. Since becoming her employee, we have also become very good friends and I wanted to do a little memory page. This kit was also a freebie from SBF by the designer Nayyan! More later....Luv, Mat

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Heeerree's Baby Sister and Family!

Snow is over and gone, sun is shining bright, but while it was cold and dreary, I was busy with the rest of my family photos, so here goes.

My mother and father had 2 girls, Me (1947) and Kathy (1949), they divorced, both remarrying in 1957. My mother and stepfather had Edward (1958) and Penny (1960). Since I was 13 yrs and 6 mos (to the day) when Penny was born, she was my responsibility! It was almost like she was mine except I did not give birth. Needless to say she is rather special to me. Not that I do not love my other 2 siblings, just that she and I are the closest I guess. So here's the baby and her family. This photo was taken in 1962 after we had moved from Detroit, MI to Cairo, GA. I used a combination of kits by CJS that you can find a link blinkie to here. The kits are Winter Dream and Spring is just about here.

This kit is Inherit Blessing QP by Creative Victorian Designs, the photo is the last known photo taken of Mama and her 4 children all together at her house (GA) in 1983. Mama passed away in 1992, Edward in 1996. Kathy and her family were headed to Germany for a couple of years, Penny was getting ready to marry and I lived in Texas.

These photos were made at Penny's apartment in 1983 as I was leaving to return to TX after the family reunion. This is her now husband of 23 years, Weymond. This is CJS's Valentine QP, you can find the link blinkie on the right.

Penny and Weymond's first were twin boys. Lance (on my right knee) born a couple minutes before Lamar (on the left knee). The kit I used is a freebie called Red Thingy by Jenny, you can find her blog blinkie on the right or at CJS scrapbooking with attitude that is also on the right.

This freebie quickpage is by PascaleA and it is called Glorious you can find a link to her blog on the right as Pelin-s-Designs. The photo is of the whole family that I took I think in 2004.

This is Lance and Lamar, both are 21 now. This was taken in 2007 at Thanksgiving. This freebie quickpage is by PascaleA and it is called Glorious you can find a link to her blog on the right as Pelin-s-Designs.

This is the baby of the family, Ms Amy Jo, she just graduated from high school. This was taken also at Thanksgiving in 2007. This freebie quickpage is by PascaleA and it is called Glorious you can find a link to her blog on the right as Pelin-s-Designs.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting my precious family. I do not get to see them as much as I would like, but we do call and e-mail often. Kathy and her family all reside in south Illinois, Penny and her family are in south Georgia and Sebrina and her mother live in south Texas. Mike and I are in north Texas. Next I will be introducing you to Mike's family. Have a great Sunday. Luv, Mat

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Winter has finally arrived in N. Texas

We are getting some really HUGE snowflakes and very HEAVY snow right now. Time for spring break and winter has finally gotten here. I came home a little after noon because the temperatures were dropping and the sleet was very heavy. Now at 2:45 the snow started and is not supposed to stop until around 6 a.m. I haven't seen this in a very long time, not snowflakes this large or falling this heavily. I think all those folks up north are tired of it and pushed it this way. Of course, this is all the news around here, offices and schools closing early and talks already of cancelling classes for tomorrow. It has finally dropped to 32 in Ft. Worth, so am going out to take a couple photos to put up on here. Will be back shortly! Luv, Mat
This is supposed to be when it first started, check the time (1 hour off as I did not reprogram my camera at time change)!

Look how large the flakes are against my Tahoe wheels.

This is the last one I took before downloading them and it is still snowing really heavy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snow is over!

Good Morning, we got a little over an inch of snow, only down to 33 and it is already beginning to melt. The freeways are an absolute mess with accidents everywhere. A little north of us got about 4 inches and some roads are closed because of ice on the overpasses and some schools starting 2 hours late. It is amazing how just a small amount of sleet and ice can bring this city to a standstill for a couple of hours. LOL! We are headed up to near 60 today, perfect for the voting today!

Let me introduce you to my next sibling, my brother Edward, better known to us as Pepper (because of his temper when he was a baby)! He was married several times, but had only one child, Sebrina, who is an elementary school teacher in Jasper, TX. Pepper died of a heart attack in Atlanta in 1996 (during the olympics there)! Here is a picture of his parents. (We share the same mother, but not father). This was made in 1961 in south GA. Marguerite and William Dollar. I used Adeyeo's freebie overlay # 3 that you can find at CJS Scrapbooking With Attitude.

This is Mama with the three of us in 1958. I used Carol's freebie kit called Elegance that you can find at CJS Scrapbooking with Attitude, a link blinkie is on the right here.

This page is one I created using a scan of the page in my paper scrapbook. It is Sebrina's parents, Edward & Myrl Dollar on their wedding day! The pink background is a freebie Valentine kit that I got off the net.

Here's me with Sebrina in 1996 in a hotel room in Atlanta, GA when her father passed away. This quickpage is by Creative Victorian Designs using the Inherit Blessings kit.

And finally, this page is Sebrina and I in 1983 and again at her high school graduation in 2001 in Vidor, TX. This quickpage is also CVD Inherit Blessings!

That's all for today, off to work, have a terrific one all of you! Luv, Mat

Monday, March 3, 2008

It's Snowing!!!

Didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes and if still here when daylight hits, will take a photo of it, but it is SNOWING here. We hit 75 degrees yesterday and the front moved in started raining and thunder and lightning around 3 a.m. the temps kept steadily dropping with a misty rain all day, then around 6 p.m. it starting sleeting, then turned to snow. All the roofs, the grass and the vehicles have a light coating at 9:45. Supposed to keep this up until midnight, but with the ground too warm probably will not last long. Supposed to be back to mid 50's tomorrow afternoon. CRAZY TEXAS WEATHER!! Off to bed, will chat more later. Luv, Mat

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Here's the Weekend

I have been so busy at work and at home lately, but I have been able to do some scanning of old photos and using some quickpages (what a treasure and time saver these are) to put some of my family on my blog. I have already posted my parents and my sister Kathy. Here are a few pages to introduce you to her family. The first is her and I in Florida in 1976. She & Hubby were stationed at Eglin AFB and she was very, very pregnant with her first. This quickpage is by CJS that you can find a link blinkie to on the right.

This page is Kathy & I with Jason on her lap and I am holding Jeff, in the other is her and Jim & the boys, they were headed to Burlington, VT. Made in 1979 I think. The page is a quickpage by Kyra.

This is the oldest nephew, Jason and his wife Christina and my greatniece Jade, the quickpage is from Creative Victorian's Inherit Blessings # 2

This is Jeffery and his bride Tiffany, the quickpage is also Creative Victorian Inherit Blessings Page # 6

And finally, this is Kathy & Jim in 2005 with their first granddaughter Jade. The page is from the Inherit Blessings Quickpage # 7 by Creative Victorian Designs.
This is Ms Jade with her beautiful blue eyes. This page was done by me using freebie Designer Jeans kit by Designs by Donna that you can find a link blinkie to on the right here. This is it for now...Luv, Mat